Grave Matters 

Death and Dying in Victorian Britain    

About me

I am a third year self-funded PhD student with the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis at the University of AmsterdamI have completed a Bachelor in English Language and Culture (2010) and a Research Master Literary Studies (2012) there as well.

Whilst writing my Bachelor thesis I acquired an interest in the depictions of suicide in Victorian fiction, which later developed into a broader fascination with death and mourning in Victorian culture. It will not come as a surprise then that I returned to the topic of death in my Master thesis, which is entitled “Denying Death: Beautifying the Dead or Dying Body in British Victorian Novels and Paintings”. In my thesis I put forward the argument that the practice of the beautification of dead men in British Victorian painting and fiction should be viewed as an attempt to deny death. 

My PhD research reflects the work I have done over the years, as I analyze the different ways in which the dying and dead body is represented in various types of Victorian popular fiction, such as penny bloods, sensation fiction and detective fiction, as well as in woodcuts, paintings etc. I have started this blog so I can share some of the (quirky) things I discover whilst conducting research with the world.    

Because I am self-funded PhD student, I also work as an information and process coordinator for 24 hours a week, which might help to explain the sporadic character of my blogpost. So please bear with me if I do not update as frequently as I would like.